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Django Guestbook application

The other day I've written a pluggable guestbook application for Django. It is fully functioning and loosely based on the Django comments contrib. Currently, I am using it on a small website (hansenpaul120.nl, Dutch) but more websites are soon to follow.

Current features:

  • Fully translatable (currently, only English and Dutch are available)
  • Fully integrated with the admin
  • Some barebone templates are supplied

More features will be added as soon as I am going to use this in more sites, or when you do so. Some of these features may include:

Installation should be pretty straight-forward for anyone who's installed a Django app before:

  1. Get the source from GitHub by either cloning or downloading the archive.
  2. Link the guestbook app into your project's tree:
    ln -s django-guestbook/guestbook guestbook
  3. Add the app to your INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py:
  4. Add the guestbook app to your urls.py:
    urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^guestbook/', include('guestbook.urls')),
  5. Update the database structure:
    ./manage.py syncdb
  6. You're done! Go and test your app by running:
    ./manage.py runserver

Feel free to provide feedback on the current state of the project, and perhaps on what features you might like. In any case, expect a more complete HOWTO here.

The app's source code can be found here on GitHub and the source for the hansenpaul120.nl website is here. The latter might be a good place to see how the guestbook application can be used.

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