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April 09 2014

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obedience to the law is freedom.
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Sometimes all we need is a


March 23 2014

Paper: Modeling Inequality and Use of Resources in the Collapse or Sustainability of Societies

A very intricate piece of research by applied mathematician Safa Motesharrei.

March 11 2014

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Decentralized, trustless EVERYTHING.

February 26 2014

The Privatization of Everything


From documentary.net.

February 11 2014

Fund the darknet: Bring the meshnet to the mainstream

Help us help the Internet, and get a router that will get you on Hyperboria. Your support helps to both develop cjdns, and expand the meshnet. 

February 06 2014

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Zit je lekker in je vel?

January 23 2014

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Hell, I want a phone worth keeping!

January 22 2014

De Robots komen Eraan

Ik heb goed nieuws en slechts nieuws. Het goede nieuws is dat het Tweede Tijdperk der Machines is aangebroken. Het slechte nieuws? Dat kan je zomaar je baan kosten.
Aldus Rutger Bregman in De Correspondent

January 04 2014

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"Trying is only emphasizing the thing we know already."

December 14 2013

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The NSA's coming to town

You better watch out, You better not Skype, You better log out, Yeah you better not type

December 11 2013

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Learn programming.

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November 26 2013

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November 24 2013

The year the Valley embraced sustainable food innovation

2013 is turning out to be the year when entrepreneurs and investors are embracing using technology to create more sustainable food products, from plant-based egg, meat, and cheese replacements, to healthier candy and salt.

October 13 2013

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